the foundation spf 21

Yes, it's a splurge, but my daily, dewy foundation is worth it.


- Michelle Lee,主编

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Concentrated Brightening Serum

Best Luxury Anti-Aging Serum: Plenty of five-star reviews and dermatologist endorsements make this anti-aging serum worth the investment.

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How Our Beauty Director Gets Her Skin So Good

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Radiant Liquid Rouge

Best for girls’ night out, this is made of pure chromatic powder (the luxury!) You know those rare lip colors that liven up your look all on their own? That's this.

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Key Radiance Care系列

Nobel Prize-Winning Technology

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La Crème

This January, revamp your winter skin-care routine with the newest products to hit retail shelves.

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Softening Cleansing Foam

Looking to treat yourself (and your skin)? This divinely textured cleansing foam is made with precious diamond, silk and pearl powders. So. Fancy.

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Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme

An ultra-luxe way to take care of your eyes.

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Radiant Liquid Rouge

Fall 2019 Beauty O-Wards

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Concealer SPF 25

The thick, creamy concealer is the best at covering blemishes and dark circles.

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Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme

When I tried this eye contour cream it was life changing! The rich cream and the cooling platinum applicator depuffs and reduces under eye bags.

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concealer spf 25

This concealer has reached an almost iconic level of recognition. Ask beauty editors, influencers, and even makeup artists, and they'll tell you that it has a superbly creamy texture that blends well and offers a high-coverage finish without a lot of weight.


– Chrissy Teigen

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La Crème

I use La Crème. It has a really fine texture, which I love. I use the eye cream as well.


- Felicity Jones

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The Foundation SPF 21

The most expensive luxury cosmetic foundation on the market, and honestly, one of the very best. Every time I’ve worn this, I’ve gotten compliments from strangers, and even boyfriends who never discuss skin—it’s that good.

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唇膏(色号:7 Dragon Red)

One of the best-selling red lipsticks of all time, worth dipping into again and again.

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Wrinkle Smoothing Serum Supreme

It contains a highly stabilized form of retinol, making it tolerable for those with sensitive skin. I also find the texture dreamy.

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Radiant Lip Gloss

2019 Award Winner: Best Lip Gloss

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Cream Blush

It’s feminine but still bold and helps make those cheekbones pop.

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Wrinkle Smoothing Serum Supreme

If it's luxe retinol you're after, Clé de Peau has you covered.

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Concealer SPF 25

It’s the only concealer you need: the buildable coverage ensures it erases everything, yet never looks heavy, and it’s oh-so luxurious.

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Concealer SPF 25

There’s a reason why this one is a favorite among beauty editors, makeup artists, and celebs like Kate Bosworth and KKW. Its lipstick-like applicator (and, frankly, nearly lipstick-like consistency) make it easy to use, easy to blend, and easy to conceal.

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